PPC That's Built for your Business

Web Windows creates marketing campaigns that meet your business needs without any of the guesswork.

We manage campaigns based on your goals, whether you’re looking to drive website visits, phone calls or direct sales.

Assess From The Customers’ Viewpoint

We’ll explore the customers Google search experience — why and how they search, and how to identify monetisable opportunities.

Your Campaign Data At Our Fingertips

We see what’s working, what requires our attention and if there are any new opportunities with at-a-glance reports for your campaigns.

We Use Simple, Effective Tools

To reach the right customers and stay on top of your business goals we have the best campaign management tools that help us plan and improve your results.

Track Conversions To Improve Performance

People who act on your ads & buy provide the most insightful data for more customers. We have the expertise to unlock the data that leads to sales.

Ten Rules we Apply to Every Campaign

1. Show your ads at the moment potential customers express an interest in your product or service.

2.  Make your ads seen, but not necessarily by having the highest bid.

3. Use three search parameters for optimising your campaign: reach, relevance, and results.

4. Reach customers with advanced targeting techniques.

5. Track conversions to lead to improved performance.

6. Understand the Google search experience from the customers’ perspective.

7. Use auction-time data to help your bids win for the goals we set.

8. Identify new opportunities with at-a-glance reports.

9. Adopt writing techniques for text ads that are extremely effective for. reaching customers.

10. Estimate and distribute a budget that serves your campaign objectives.

Four Stage Online Process

Let us know which market you're wanting to target
We design your ads followed by your approval
Set campaign live and optimise
Once a week we will email a detailed campaign report full of stats

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