Retargeting gives website owners the ability to display banner ads specifically to people who have been on their site within the last 30 day period. From an advertisers perspective, it enables businesses to continue the marketing conversation with customers after they leave a website.

The Benefits of Retargeting

Much Higher Click-Through Rates

Increased Conversions

Better Brand Awareness

Detailed End of Campaign Results

"I always recommend retargeting to my clients because pound-for-pound it's one of the most effective forms of online marketing. It works particularly well for businesses who offer more of a "considered" rather than "spontaneous" product or service. Don't be worried that the ads might be too invasive or annoying; we can cap the number of times users view the banner ads. Most importantly, retargeting works on two levels. Firstly, to increase direct sales by turning windows shoppers into purchases. Secondly, it's great for reinforcing brand awareness to customers who count."

- Matthew Vines, Account Director

Four Stage Online Process

Tell us how much traffic you get
This influences the price and campaign period.
A straight forward quote will be sent
This will include a price and a likely campaign period.
Code will be created for your site
Pass this code to your web designer.
The campaign will be set live
You'll feel the benefits almost straight away.
Regular performance reports
Twice a week we'll email you performance reports.

Questions and Answers

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